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Hello D10 Neighbors,

First things first... I love Denver!  

Our beautiful city has the heart of a small town, with a hip urban vibe. The art, music, & food scenes are fantastic. Exhilarating outdoor adventures await. And all this sunshine is hard to beat. 

I live in the Golden Triangle with my husband, Scott. You can find us cheering with Avs & Rockies fans, hiking or biking most weekends, and raising a pint with friends at our city's great breweries. 

But let's have some real talk...

Denver isn't all sunshine and fun. Our city has serious growing pains, profound social challenges, and heavy environmental baggage that we need to tackle head on. That's why I'm running for City Council. 

Denver's best days are ahead. Our city's issues are solvable! We can turn our concerns into actions that strengthen the city we all love.

I'm asking for your vote to bring experienced leadership, get-it-done energy, and a new perspective to the table as your city councilwoman for District 10.

Let's do this!


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I have ONE priority - solving the homeless crisis in Denver! 

In 2019, this issue was on the ballot. It's four years later and the crisis is growing

Denver has seen a 32% increase over the last three years, with those sleeping on the streets (vs in shelters) driving the bulk of the escalation.

In a thriving city, individuals and families should not have to live on the streets, nor in shelters long-term.

Other cities have successfully reduced homelessness. Denver can too.

City Council has an important role to play. Here are a few ideas!

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City Council  Committee on Homelessness

Homelessness, period. 

Not Homelessness and… 

This crisis is a pressing issue on its own, and it impacts every one of the current City Council committees. 

We need to raise the bar with a laser focus on results!

Using a collective impact model, a City Council Committee on Homelessness could nurture large-scale progress by uniting the extensive coalition of stakeholders that are addressing all facets of homelessness.

Establishing common goals and performance indicators, as well as bringing cross-sector partners together to coordinate services, share expertise, and provide data on outcomes, would promote measurable change. 

Public dashboards would restore accountability and build momentum for continued progress.

Morrisfordenver Homeless Tent City

Camping Ban Enforcement & Triage

Growing numbers of unhoused neighbors are living in encampments across our city. 

They are more susceptible to crime and physical health issues. Many also have behavioral health and/or mental health needs that aren't being met. Leaving them on the streets simply isn't a humane option.

Sweeps should be re-imagined to use evidence-based practices & human-centered design principles, such as:

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Public Information Campaign

Homelessness is being addressed by an alphabet soup of organizations across Denver. The average resident struggles to understand and navigate resources when faced with a housing crisis, or when trying to help others facing housing insecurity.

 A well-crafted public information campaign can reduce stigma and provide accurate information & resources to ensure Denver is unified and equipped to resolve homelessness. It can also promote uptake of 211 and 311 services.

 The campaign should also lift up partners and highlight individuals making a difference. Sharing success stories will energize the city-wide movement to end homelessness.

Morrisfordenver Denver Capitol Building.

My Pledge to You

Taking Accountability Seriously

As D10 councilwoman, I will be accountable to YOU - the residents of District 10! For day-to-day challenges in our neighborhoods - from  garbage issues and snow plowing to excessive electric bills and porch pirates - I pledge to be responsive and work as your ally and liaison with the Mayor's Office, Colorado Attorney General's Office and others.

In turn, I will work collaboratively with fellow City Council members to ensure oversight for taxpayer-funded programs in the Mayor's budget.

Let's show accountability for high priority budget items by tracking & sharing data. And exercise City Council's power to develop incentives that promote innovation and efficiencies for:


A head for business, a heart for service...

My first role models were my parents – a decorated U.S. Army officer and a tireless community volunteer. 

They taught me to be fearless in life, to persist in the face of adversity, and to leave the world better than I found it.

My three older sisters taught me to be patient, because we all shared one bathroom.

Morrisfordenver Young Margie and Mother
Morrisfordenver Father

I earned a degree in economics from the University of Chicago, where I met my husband. My career began in finance at a multinational bank in the US and Europe, where I juggled kids and jobs across continents. After our third son was born, I took a break to focus on family.

Before long, I was leading the neighborhood PTO and garnering support for ballot initiatives to improve our school district. 

I also chaired the board of a $15M social services agency, co-leading it through a successful merger and a national CEO search. My decade there taught me so much about addiction treatment, addressing homelessness, and providing effective mental health services.

Following my passion, I returned to work in social impact. As executive director, I led a statewide nonprofit to achieve better outcomes for marginalized youth - many in high homicide neighborhoods. My advocacy efforts resulted in two federal bills, including the Mentoring to Succeed Act. 

I collaborated with all stakeholders - peer experts, researchers, funders, and civic & community leaders – to build a path forward, as partners. Stronger and more effective together.

Morrisfordenver Capitol Building Washington
Morrisfordenver Children doing a puzzle.

That’s what we need in Denver - councilmembers who can bring people together and build bridges to a re-imagined city. 

Coalition builders and servant-leaders who lift up vulnerable populations and address their needs in a humane way, while ensuring residents are happy in a city that works for them, their families, and their businesses.

It’s a tall order. 

As District 10 City Councilwoman, I'll build a better tomorrow for our city.

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